Best Cameras Under 100$

Best Cameras Under 100$


Whether spending time outdoors or simply enjoying a special occasion, digital cameras always come in handy. Although not all users carry a separate device, as others rely on their HD camera built in with their smartphones, this has become a necessity for many.

In fact, even those who have a mobile device still rely on their digital cameras to take pretty good photos or videos anytime, anywhere. Here are some of the best cameras that are way below $100. This is perfect for amateurs who are just simply starting out or those who choose to have a secondary device for really advanced photographic passion.


Top Cameras Under 100$


  1. DSCW800/B 20.1MP Digital Camera by Sony

best  cameras under 100$


A camera made by Sony is totally awesome. Having a powerful 20.1MP image sensor will really help aspiring photographers to get gorgeous photos or videos with high clarity and superb contrast. Beginners need not worry using this device because it is designed to make the shooting experience so much easier and enjoyable. For those who want to have more expressive photographs, the Picture Effect will definitely transform ordinary photos into a more vibrant, heightening mood by emphasizing certain attributes.


  1. Coolpix S2800 20.1MP Point and Shoot Digital Camera, 5X Optical Zoom by Nikon

Coolpix S2800 20.1MP Point and Shoot Digital Camera, 5X Optical Zoom by Nikon


If you crave for a slim and stylish design in a digital camera, the Coolpix S2800 is the one for you. It turns a special moment of the family into beautiful memories that you can treasure for life. Photographers of all level will really appreciate the ultra-sharp optical sensor of 20.1MP. It will also be possible to capture high definition video playable on compatible television or flat-screen monitor with ease. Even amateurs can take pride of the dazzling photos they have taken with the advanced glamor retouch that is able to soften skin tones, reduce glare, and reddens checks, among others.


  1. Pcam PDC001 2.7-Inch TFT LCD HD Mini Digital Camera by PowerLead

Pcam PDC001 2.7-Inch TFT LCD HD Mini Digital Camera by PowerLead


For beginners, a digital camera being able to capture 720p high definition video is already an excellent buy. But PowerLead Pcam simply has more to offer, such as external memory of up to 32GB, TFT LCD display of 2.7”, self-timer, and USB interface, among other stuff. If you want to have the best camera that should not hurt your budget, this is the product that you’ve been waiting for.


  1. PowerShot SD1100 IS, 8MP Digital Camera from Canon

PowerShot SD1100 IS, 8MP Digital Camera from Canon


If you want to have an affordable camera having the best features, then you must be in luck. This is because the PowerShot offers a bright 8MP digital Elph with 3X optical zoom along with the optical image stabilizer. It can also detect facial image through its face detection technology. So no one gets left behind from a selfie this time! Most of all, it can reduce blur as it has a motion detection technology that will deal with people that moves a lot during photo moments.


  1. Stylus Tough 8000 12MP Digital Camera by Olympus

Stylus Tough 8000 12MP Digital Camera by Olympus


Special moments matter all the time for a photographer. If you are one of them who want to take photographs to the extreme, then the Olympus Stylus Tough is perfect for your needs. From the name itself, it is virtually indestructible. So even if you bring this camera on a downriver kayaking or taking pictures when skiing, you simply can’t hurt this device. Of course, you still can have nice shots with the dual image stabilization and tap control that is able to provide amazing images even at the most challenging moments.


The cameras presented here are just a few of the best cameras that you can purchase on a minimal budget. Given the toughness and elegance of the brands presented here, you surely can enjoy great quality images at very friendly prices!

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