Who are we? Or Should I say I


Welcome to the best camera headquarters! My name is James Fisher and I absolutely LOVE photography. My dream was to become professional photographer and with some hard work I was able to achieve this dream. When I was first starting out learning all about photography, I always had questions. I didn't know which camera I should buy or what the different types were. I always said if I ever had the ability to give back and help others I would. I created this site to share my experience and reviews with others looking for that perfect camera. 


Finding a new camera can be a tough task. You should take your time to read reviews and compare products to find exactly what you need. Take it from me you do NOT have to spend a fortune to find a great camera. The first camera I ever owned cost less than $300.00 and I actually still own it! Today I own a plethora of cameras, but have the ability to get hands on with most cameras on the market. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others and wanted to be able to give my feedback on different products on the market. 


I love hearing from visitors, so please if you have any questions, comments, concerns or anything really, feel free to shoot me a message!