Photography Basics Every Photographer Should Know

Photography Basics


As you try to get into the hobby of photography, it is important to learn about all its basics, from the way how a camera works to editing your images. Here are the important things that you need to know:


The Way the Digital Camera Works


With so many camera models available on the market today, trying to figure out how your options and all their specifications would translate into your requirements can be a bit complicated. However, the most important things to learn about these cameras will just boil down to understanding its parts and how they work.


  • Body


This is basically the housing of the camera, and while it has little effect on the quality of your photographs, it is truly important when it comes to ease of use and comfort.


  • Sensor


This is the digital equivalent of film in a way that it can be exposed to light that comes through the lens, recording exposure, processing it and saving it the flash memory. The size and caliber of the sensor can significantly affect the quality of your pictures.


  • Lens


This is a complex component that functions as the eye of the camera and can come in different types having different features, which is why it important to know the differences between each type. To become a good photographer, you should know how they work and how they affect your photographs.


  • Battery


Just like any other electronic device, the battery is very important in a camera. When choosing a camera, it is best to go for one with longer battery life, though there are also cases where one that has a less-powerful battery might be a better option.


  • Flash Card


This is where you save your images, and knowing the storage capacity of a camera is best considered when buying one to make sure that it suits your needs. Another thing to look into with regards to flash cards is their read-and-write speeds, as slow cards can degrade the performance of a camera in a big way.


Composing Images with the Right Techniques


While a well-composed photo is truly a matter of opinion, there are a few tricks that you should adopt to get better pictures. The simplest rule of composition would be the “rule of thirds”, where your take your frame and overlay a grid of 9 equal sections and then place important elements where the grids intersect. While shooting your subject straight-on sometimes give you good results, it is best to use the aspect of perspective, where you create a visual impact by moving your camera in all directions. You can also use lines and shapes to draw the eye to a specific point, which means that you have to choose where you place these lines and shapes in your photographs. Of course, you have to make choices for a reason when taking photographs to be happy of what you get.


Editing Your Images


Finally, it is important to know how to edit your images to get the best results for your photographs. This can involve many processes, such as correcting and enhancing colors and tones, as well as correcting blemishes, scratches and other issues.


There you have it. By knowing all the basics that come with photography, you will be off for a good start in taking great pictures!